There is no doubt about the fact that being a celebrity brings you Money, power, fame, and never ending controversies that sooner or later are criticized by the celebrities themselves. Few days back, we shared a breaking news of Shaista Wahidi’s divorce due to the incompatibility her husband showed for her work on morning shows. Since then, Shaista has had been seen avoiding to comment on the issue, however, it was lately that on a show, she finally burst out, showing her feelings and views openly, also leaving a piece of advice for her viewers.

It is a fact that her followers took her step, that she took in her personal life as act of indecency and didn’t hesitate in posting their views openly on social networking sites, on celebrity fan pages, leaving negative comments about this celebrity.

Shaista narrated how embarrassing things turned in to when her son came up to her asking about her links with a third person, which was a part of the link he saw on his Facebook Profile. Shaista was too open in telling this out to media that being a celebrity doesn’t means that there is no personal life left of the artists and the audience should respect their personal rights and should not misjudge or assume things all their own.

Shaista, although didn’t talk about her divorce openly, but she made the entire topic sound confidential, where all she wanted to tell her viewers was the fact that she is going through a real bad time in her personal life and the viewers should respect that.


Her conduct towards this controversial topic has turned into yet another controversy against her where different authors are taking it with different perceptions, some stating that being a public figure, she has no right to say that she owns a personal life, and at the same time few sites talks in favour of the lady.

All in all, no matter whatever happens in her personal life, she is still earning same by appearing in the morning show she left for few days for the sake to save her marriage.

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