Since it emerged on screen Pakistan’s showbiz life has been suffering from indecent and immoral activities that are now assumed to be an integral part of Pakistan’s Film industry. With the positive changes been sighted in the Industry, thanks to new Directors and Artists, there has been some improvement in its reputation, however, the senior ones in this field are finding it difficult to leave the unethical activities and concentrate on their actual career, which was once acting.

It might turn out to be a shock and at the same time, no more a news for some of you to know that in a recent raid that the Police made few hours back. they caught Pakistan’s Film and TV actress Nirma, along with other models in a Guest house, that is located somewhere at Sher Colony (Name hidden intentionally), while they were all busy in the shameful acts of making money through their strong sexual capabilities.

It was also found that the party was merely served by heavy liquor and the girls were all drunk badly when they were arrested. It is evident that the guests there, belonged to the rich families  few of them being traders, government officers and industrialists.

According to the Officials, police did arrest the men and women that were present in the guest house, however, no news have been received about the release of these artists, nor any serious action is expected to be taken against them.

We, the team of condemn such activities, knowing that no action would be taken against them because of their  popularity and links. This is what is making the Pakistani Media Suffer to its greatest.


Hoping for a betterment,

Nida Zaidi