The video contains a splendid view showing a bridge constructed on top of the spillways of a dam. From one side you can see the peaceful river approaching the bridge and on the other side you can see the water gushing out of the spillways. On the top you can see the people driving their cars who am sure will be enjoying all of this.After watching amazing scenes like this you only praise the Lord who gives brain to human being so they could build these kind of amazing architecture.

Yes it is Pleasant to the eyes but the question is, is this dangerous?

Well you can say that yes it is. What will happen when the river overflows? What if the bridge couldn’t withstand the high pressure created by the water pushing against its walls? It may result in massive loss of lives but till now thankfully no misfortunate incident occurred so one can hope this bridge will remain standing for years to come.

Check out this video and praise the beautiful world we live in..