Comedian Sikandar Sanam dies in Karachi – 5th November 2012

Pakistani comedy industry has to bear another loss today, and this time in the form of a famous comedian Sikandar Sanam, who was recently diagnosed with liver cancer, passed away on Monday. The news of Sanam’s death has been verified by his close associate. The year 2012 has indeed bought tears into the eyes of comedy lovers.

Furqan haider’s associate said,”He [Sanam] passed away this afternoon. The body will arrive in Karachi from Nawabshah within four hour.” According to some media reports, the condition of stage artist got worst in last couple of hours. Sikandar’s Namaze Janaza (funeral prayer) will be offered today after Esha prayer. The actor was admitted to Aga Khan University Hospital in September. He was later discharged from the facility.
The comedian had also worked across the borders, and had received a lot of appreciation from the Indian viewers as well, Sanam was known for his parodies of famous Bollywood movies. He was passionate about his work and in this passion he had performed in number of stage dramas, comedy serial and parody movies.


    May ALLAH rest his soul in peace AMEEN
    Pakistan se asey log duniya chor k ja rahe hen jin ka koi alternate nahi hai.

  • saam

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