Another Divorce: Shaista Wahidi Gave up her Marriage for Her Career

Marriages are becoming one of the most controversial topics in the lives of the Pakistani Celebrities. It is strange that the couples that seemed to be happy with their marriage are now gaining media’s attention because of the sudden divorces. It is becoming more like a trend that marriages are done to be broken these days.

After Ahsam-ul-Haq, it is now shaista Wahidi who has recently broken up with her husband. Shaista has had been appearing on small screen since a long time and throughout her professional career, that she started from ARY and then switched to Geo, She was always determined about leading happy and contented life with her husband. It was on Geo TV’s Morning show, which is also hosted by her that her husband also appeared on show as a guest. Not only this, but they also have two sons and a daughter from their marriage.

According to the news, the reason that gave the final blow to the marriage was her husband’s disapproval for the indecent activities like dancing and getting extra over on the show. He was also against of showing off her expensive clothes. Not only this, but it was recently that Shaista also disappeared from Geo TV few time back from her Divorce. Rumors now say that it was her husband who became a reason for her disappearance.

The matter is taken as curiosity within the showbiz as both, Shaista Wahidi and her brother, Sahir Lohdi are avoiding to answer media about the news and the things related to it. However, at the same time, Shaista is now free and looking forward to a better future in her Showbizz life. Whatever it is, but giving up a happy family life for the passion to be famous, is something most of the Pakistanis would condemn on the basis of the traditional approach within the country.

Anyway, we wish both of them a peaceful life now,


Nida Zaidi

  • mehreen

    if this news is true then she is gone mad ….but hope so it’s just a rumor…

  • armaan

    acha hoa waisa.. husband ki souch theek rahi… yahi hona cheya inn k sath…

  • Hina zain

    showbiz career is very short lived so never ruin your children future and your personal happiness. it is very sad to hear that. shaista will definitely regret

  • ssa

    Its good news for me. Dr Shaista Wahidi i hope ur hearing this that i absolutely love u and i would like have beautiful kids with you. I want father them. Even though you may 35 years old im 25 i still love never stop u from choosing your carer. Hope u will accept my marriage propsal coz i want to give u and ur current kids and ur future kid my surname may allah make married by me ameen sameen.
    Im absolutely determined to make Dr Shaista Wahidi my wife. COz she is ultra beautiful even more beautiful than kareena kapoor. I want to have baies with you Shaista Wahidi.
    Dont worry despite her intention to marry Mir sahib something she will become my wife and youu can be sure about it.



  • ahmed

    Pls ap shadi karn laking koi ganly bhasay say ta kay wo ap ko taskeen day saky kyoun kay kisi mard ki bus ki bat nahi ap ko satisfi karna….

  • Wise girl

    Bilkul theek hoa.. Din ba din zyada shokhi aur bongi hoti ja ri thi,, husband ne theek kya k apni aur bachin ki jaan chura li ausi bv aur maan se..

  • ammar

    hahaha yea tu hona he tha is kay kaam achay nai thy pagle nay paisay kay leyea aik old man say married kr le


    dono bhn bhai begarat hain yay to kuch zyada he shokhi ho rahi thi es jasi k 7 yay to kuch b nhe ulta es ka faida he hoa ab jahan chahay jai kesi k 7 koi rok tok krnay wala nh raha

  • http://nadir nadir

    nai yr aesi koi bat nai he us ke naseeb me jo hona tha wo hua ab allah malik he

  • hira

    aise aurtoun ko zindige ki koi khushi nahi milti jo apney ghar aur bachoun ko chor ker paise k peechey bhagti hain aise auorton ko tu media se nikal dena chahiye yeh hamare muashrey ki larkiyon ko kharab karahe hai …disguisting


    koi b aurat jo k married hy aur us k kids b hen us ko profession nahi real life ko prefrence deni chahey. us ki asal money us k kids & husband hen.